Pool Opening/Closings

Protect the investment by allowing our technicians to professionally close (winterize) your pool. We can protect your pool against the effects of freeze-thaw damage, common with the cool to freezing effects of the Canadian winter. Once spring comes, we will be glad to re-open your pool for you and your family to enjoy once again.

Vinyl Liner Replacement
The vinyl lining is what separates the structure of your pool with the water. Over time, it can lose its colour, leak, or come off track, causing headaches if you attempt to solve these problems on your own. The Servapool professionals are always glad to help no matter the issue.

Equipment Installation and Service
Pumps, vacuums, cleaners – all of these pieces of equipment help maintain a clean, functional pool. We will install all of this equipment for you and maintain it as the years go by.

Tile and Concrete Pool Repair
If your pool tiles are damaged or removed, we can put them back in their place, flush with the existing tiles. If you have a concrete crack, we will fill it in and inspect it to prevent future damage.

Rubaroc Decks
Rubaroc is a unique, rubberized surfacing that helps increase safety around the pool. Slip-fall accidents can be prevented with a Rubaroc Desk since it’s slip-resistant and porous.

Heater and Lighting Specialist
We have made it a Servapool specialty in pool heating and lighting. Creating a warm and visually appealing poolside atmosphere can make the water even more inviting.

Salt Water Installation
Salt water can help clean bacteria and other harmful viruses from your pool.

Leak Detection
Our professionals will visit your pool to identify any potential leaks, addressing them early to prevent damage.

Dive Service
Our trained specialists are able to dive in to inspect and detect any potential pool problems.

Weekly Maintenance
Servapool recommends that we maintain you pool on a weekly basis to ensure the water is safe, and all equipment is working in running order.

Custom Liner and Coping Specialist
This process seals your pool lining to the deck. Whether you have a concrete, tile, or stone deck, we offer a variety of coping and custom liners to protect your pool.

Free Estimates
Whenever you require help with your pool, give us a call and we will inspect and offer you a free estimate.


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